Inserting meta tags and tracking code

Sometimes you might need to insert a meta tag to verify your site, include extra tracking code, or insert some HTML that your developer has requested.

In most cases these are simply added to the "header" of your theme files. This is correct for:

  • Google verification
  • Analytics code
  • Domain verification
  • Any code beginning with <meta>
  • Some codes beginning with <script>

If you're not sure if this article applies to you please open a support ticket.

To add the meta tag to Kokoa please do the following:

  • Go to your theme settings
  • Click on the Edit HTML/CSS button in the top right corner
  • Scroll on the left until you find a file called "header.liquid" under the group "snippets"
  • Add a new line directly below <head> (this should be only 3 lines down)
  • Insert your tag and press save

You can also see this in action with the below animation:


Please note, your site must be published and live for most codes to work. 

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