How do I use the Theme Supporter

Summary instructions:

The Hello Digital Theme Supporter adds extra features to Themes from Hello Digital.

To begin using it, navigate to and click Login with Vend to integrate the systems.

After being redirected back to the Theme Supporter, you can see your API Key in bold. This must be entered into the Theme Supporter API Key field in your Hello Digital Theme to finish the integration of the systems.


Detailed instructions:

Please note some of these images show an older branding for both Vend and Hello Digital, but the instructions are the same.


Inline image 1

  • Click on the Vend logo to go to a Vend login screen
  • If asked to, enter the store URL

Inline image 2

  • Login to the store and then allow access

Inline image 3

Inline image 4

  • Once you have allowed access you should come back to the theme supporter and be supplied with an API key


  • Put the API key into the Kokoa or Fleur settings. This can be easily found in the "integrations" setting tab for Kokoa, or the "genera" tab in Fleur.

Inline image 1

  • Back on the theme supporter you can now access the Instagram tab - go there and login with instagram

Inline image 7

  • After following the instagram login the theme supporter will confirm this to you

Inline image 8

  • Finally, switching "Instagram" on under the "homepage" settings in Kokoa or Fleur will finish the setup

Inline image 9


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