How do I increase my search engine ranking when using Fleur?

First, check that you have input your company information into the Fleur theme settings. This information is provided to search engines like Google to help them better index and display your site. To find the setting go to the General tab and scroll until you find the Company Information fields.

Enter your:

  • Company Street Address – Your street address including number and road/street name
  • Company Postal Code – The postal code for your company’s address
  • Company Region – The region for your company’s address
  • Company Country – The country for your company’s address
  • Company Telephone – The telephone number that customers reach your company on
  • Company Email – The email address that customers reach your company on

Once you have entered your company information follow our quick tips below to improve your ranking even more:

  • Add your site to the Google index by entering your website address in here:
  • Create a Google Business listing and verify your business here:
    • Make sure once you create your listing you add your website link
  • Enter informative descriptions for all your products
  • Have a series of information pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Shipping Information and other pages that both Google and your visitors will find helpful
  • Share your content on Facebook and other websites wherever possible

If you ever get completely stuck with your search engine optimisation then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either by email at or through a support ticket. We will be happy to take a look for free and then suggest where you can improve on a more personalised basis.

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