How do I stop my Slider Images cropping?

With Fleur, you can choose to make your slider images stretch to cover the entire slider area, or you can choose to keep the original dimensions of the image intact.

You can change between this settings in the Homepage Menu using the switch labelled “Do not crop images”.

More advanced information:

What does each of these mean?

  • If you want your slider image to stretch to fill the slider then you may experience cropping. This is enabled by default in Fleur as it ensures that your slider displays as its intended. The side effect of this is that your images might be cropped 
  • If you disable the cropping/stretching your image will display at the resolution it is made. If your image is not a rectangle you will experience odd looking borders where there is no image data to fill the slider. If you chose this method it is recommended to use an image resolution of 1920 wide x 500 high


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