How do I integrate Mailchimp?

Mailchimp signup instructions
For the Mailchimp form to work, you need to retrieve a "form action URL" from Mailchimp and put this into your theme settings. Here are some steps on retrieving this:

1. Login to your MailChimp account, and create a mailing list for people to sign up for.

2. After you make your list, you’ll need to get some code from it. Click on your list, and select “Signup forms” at the top. Select the Embedded forms option.

3. From there, you should see a text box section labelled “Copy/paste onto your site”. Within the textbox, scroll until you find the part of the code that says <form action=”…” You will need to copy everything with those quotation marks. It should begin with http://, end with a bunch of numbers and letters, and look something like this:

Note: you may need to copy the entire code into a program like Notepad first and then copy-paste out the form action URL.

Once you have obtained the Form Action URL, Navigate to your Kokoa theme settings and select Integrations. Paste the Form Action URL into the right section and format it like this: //;id=65a7b06848 (i.e. just remove the http: but keep the //)

Once you have obtained the Form Action URL, Navigate to Layout and scroll to the Footer section. Paste the Form Action URL you obtained into the Mailchimp Newsletter URL field

If you wish to display this form in your Footer, ensure that Display Newsletter Signup and Large footer switches are enabled.

For information on displaying this in a popup, click here.

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